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How Much Does Home Staging Cost? Our Pricing Strategy

So, you’ve heard about home staging, the million-dollar question is, ‘How much does staging cost?’. Is it an investment worth making? Let's journey together through the wonderful world of home staging and find the answers to your burning questions!

What is Home Staging?

Before we delve into the details of costs, let's ensure we all understand what home staging is. Simply put, home staging involves decorating and arranging a house to showcase its best features and potential. A well-staged home can highlight its unique selling points and make potential buyers feel immediately at home.

Now that we've unravelled the essence of home staging, let's take a look at the pounds involved.

So, How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

It's no secret that home staging may be complementary, but it isn't free (see what we did there?), however, as the old saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. The cost of home staging varies greatly depending on various factors including: your property's size, location, current condition, and the level of enhancement your home requires.

Most staging companies won’t provide prices on their website. This may be due to the fear of putting potential customers off. However, in their defence, without seeing your property first, it’s actually pretty difficult to gauge the cost without looking at each property individually. We need to assess the size of the home and its rooms, how many rooms - sometimes, although there may only be one reception room to stage, if there’s a large open plan kitchen/diner/family room, then the property will still require the hire of two sofas, rather than just one. So, of course, you can see how the costs vary for each individual project.

As a starting point, we’d usually say our prices start from:

£1500+ for a one bedroom property

£1750+ for a two bedroom property

£2500+ for a three bedroom property

£3000+ for a four bedroom property

£4000+ for a five bedroom property

We are open to talking about price, so if the cost is the only thing concerning you, we may be able to figure something out together that works for you. It’s also important to bear in mind that although this may sound expensive, your investment in home staging yields a significant return. In fact, you can expect as high as 500%-1000% return on your investment. So, although there is an upfront charge, you should get your money back ten-fold once you sell your property.

What are the Factors Influencing the Cost?

1. Consultation Fees

Most professional stagers begin their process with an initial consultation. During this visit, they'll walk through your home, taking in the overall feel, flow, and functionality. They will offer suggestions on the best ways to present each room of your house.

2. Planning

It’s easy to forget that more time goes into staging your home then simply carrying out the staging on the day. It takes hours to plan your home staging. Your home stager will need to plan an exact itinerary of what is required for each and every single room of your property, work out what furniture they have available and whether it’s the right fit for your property, then there is ordering and purchasing outstanding items needed.

2. Staging Services

The actual staging services can range from minor adjustments to existing furniture and decor to a complete redesign using rented pieces. So, the cost will vary based on the size of the team and how much work is required, how far they need to travel, plus time packing up their van and setting up the furniture in your home.

3. Furniture Rental

If your home is empty, or your furniture doesn't suit the style the stager is aiming for, renting furniture may be necessary. This usually makes up the bulk of the cost, as you will keep all the furniture and accessories in your property for the agreed contracted time, which takes us to our next factor…

4. Time

Time is money, as they say. The length of time your home is staged for also factors into the cost. Most staging companies offer packages ranging between 4-12 weeks. All our contracts include 8 weeks furniture hire as standard, but it is possible to extend your contract for a longer hire period, such as 12 or 16 weeks, for an additional charge.

Is Home Staging Worth the Investment?

If you're asking if it's worth it, numerous studies and property professionals say a resounding YES! Did you know that professionally staged homes spend 73% less time on the market compared to their non-staged competition. And let's not forget, a well-staged home can often fetch a higher selling price!

The Magic of Home Staging: An Investment in Success

So there you have it! The art and science of home staging is more than just a superficial facelift for your home; it's an essential tool to make a lasting first impression on potential buyers.

Yes, home staging involves a cost, but it's an investment that often brings substantial returns. Like any worthy investment, it requires consideration and strategic decision-making. If you're looking to sell your home, considering home staging could just be your ticket to a swift and successful sale.

In the end, remember, the goal is to create a home that buyers can't resist – a place they can instantly imagine as their own. After all, there's nothing quite as priceless as that feeling of finding your perfect home, is there?


For a free consultation with one of our friendly home stylists contact us today!


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