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Affordable home staging
that really works.

A House of Arden Home Staging gets you a faster sale, at a higher price.

Meet the founders.

At House of Arden, our job is to the unlock hidden potential in your property. When it's time to sell, nothing should be left to chance. The smallest of changes could mean an extra 1-2% on your sale price!

Imagine, in just 48 hours, your property is transformed!

We’ve literally had people in tears (the happy kind!) when they see the work we’ve done for them! 


Why settle for the market value or under when you can elevate it? 

Our secret sauce isn't just in making your property sell faster; it's about igniting desire, creating a sense of urgency that doesn't just attract interest — it starts bidding wars!

The professional photos we produce for you attract buyers and are yours to keep.

Selling a property can take time and be disheartening, but it needn’t. We are here to compress timelines, ease stress, and do it all so you don’t have to do anything.

The work is done for you, within 24-48 hours.

We're selling lifestyles, making every square foot of your property count.

Welcome to House of Arden, where your home's true value is realised! You’ll never sell and empty property again!


How it works.

Our 3 step process to get your property looking its best and sold quicker for more. 

Book us in to see your property

We send you our recommendations & quote

Your property is staged

& photos are taken

Contact Us.

Book Your Free Consultation

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