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Should I Home Stage My Empty Property? First impressions last!

Updated: Apr 24

Once upon a time, an empty property could sell itself. Those days, however, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, the property world is a dynamic stage where empty spaces come to life in the form of beautiful homes, inspiring buyers to envision a future and lifestyle there. Welcome to the world of home staging!

So, should you stage your empty property? The short answer: absolutely! But why, you might ask? Stick around and let’s unpack the magic of home staging and its transformative power.

It's All About the First Impressions

First impressions matter significantly in almost every aspect of life, and selling a home is no exception. Even our strapline boldly points out, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’, and it’s so true. To stand out in a competitive market, a property has to be as appealing as possible and really stand out from the crowd. An empty house can appear cold, uninviting, or worse, seem smaller than it actually is. On the flip side, a well-staged home, with strategically placed furniture and tasteful décor, creates that positive first impression that can tip the scales in your favour. It presents the property in its best light, instantly sparking a connection between potential buyers and your home.

Envisioning the Future

How does a blank canvas look? Quite uninspiring, right? Now, imagine a painting on that canvas - it tells a story, evokes emotions, and captivates the viewer. The same holds true for an empty house versus a staged one. Staging a home helps buyers visualise the potential of the space, making it easier for them to imagine their life within those walls. A cosy reading nook by the window or a warm and inviting kitchen layout can help the buyers see beyond the four blank walls and truly envision a future life there.

Quicker Sales, Higher Offers

A well-staged home tends to sell quicker and often for more money than an empty one. 85% of our staged homes spend less than three weeks on the market – that’s 73% less time than their non-staged competition! But the most exciting incentive is that a staged home can add a value of 5-10% on any given property making the return on the investment between 500%-1000%, who wouldn't want that?

Online Presence

In this digital age, your property's online presence is paramount. Pictures of a staged home are more likely to stand out and captivate potential buyers scrolling through listings. They translate the potential of your property into visible, tangible possibilities. If your home is empty, it might be tough for online viewers to gauge the size and potential use of your rooms. There is nothing to entice or invite them to want a book a viewing on the property. Staging gives them a perspective, making your property more appealing and memorable.

Reducing the Negatives

Every property has its flaws. It's only natural. But, home staging can transform any property for the better, from a one bedroom apartment to a five bedroom detached house. A small bedroom can appear larger with the right bed size and minimalistic design, while a dark room can be made to appear brighter with the right colour palette and lighting. Although, we have created ‘show home’ new builds for developers, much of our portfolio is built up of ex-rentals and vacant properties. We’ve even helped homes to sell where the vendors are still living in the property, by staging empty bedrooms or recepetion rooms, incorporparating fitting furniture in blank spaces.

Hire a Professional

While the idea of home staging might seem exciting and fairly easy to carry out yourself. The reality isn’t so simple. It costs a lot of money to purchase all the furniture for a whole house, then there is the building of that furniture if it’s flat -pack, getting it to the property and up the stairs. You’ll need additional artwork, accessories such as bedding, cushions, throws, ornaments, then there’s window dressings to consider. It’s a lot when you really think about it, and part-staged properties which aren’t finished properly or look half-empty can often look more unappealing than a completely empty room. It’s really worth enquiring with a couple of local staging companies for some quotes. Professionals will deal with all the stress and heavy lifting, take it all away for you once the property has sold and know exactly what they are doing when it comes to styling your property for a quick sale.

Home staging your empty property may seem like an additional hassle and expense initially, but when you weigh these against the benefits - a faster sale and a potentially higher price - it starts to make sense. You're not just selling a property; you're selling a potential home, a future lifestyle. Staging helps tell that story better.

An empty property is a blank canvas waiting for its story to be told. Through home staging, you can transform this blank canvas into a vibrant work of art that captivates potential buyers. So next time you ponder, "Should I home stage my empty property?" remember, the magic is in the transformation!

Simply get in touch if you’d like a free consultation with one of our friendly home stagers. You can call us on 0121 405 9767, or alternatively, email

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