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3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Cottage | Stourbridge Road | Fairfield, Bromsgrove

Project type

Home Staging




Fairfield, Bromsgrove

With the vendor having recently moved out, this empty three bedroom semi-detached cottage was left looking a little cold and uninviting.

The vendor approached us knowing she wanted to stage the property from the outset. She clearly still loved the property and wanted to showcase it in its full glory, whilst also hoping to achieve maximum interest and value.

Keeping in tone with the property's character and style, we chose a mix of shabby chic and country style touches to home stage the house.

We chose an array of cosy colours and textures with plenty of artwork, accessories and warm lighting throughout.

The staging worked its magic, the property received 44 viewings and multiple offers - a fantastic result for our vendor!

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